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Undergraduate Costs

Below are undergraduate costs for the current academic year at Indiana State University. This information is based upon full-time enrollment in both Fall and Spring semesters. For tuition rates per credit hour (including Summer), visit this page. Additional fees may apply.

Tuition Rates

The tuition rates shown below are for fall '23 and spring '24 semesters combined.

  Indiana Resident Non-Resident
Reduced Rate*
Non-Resident &
12-18 credit hours $9,712.00 $12,626.00 $21,454.00
Above 18 credit hours $11,292.00 $14,680.00 $25,366.00


* Non-Resident Reduced Rate Explanation:
  • Illinois, Kentucky, or Ohio Student Scholarship recipients qualify for this rate. See full scholarship details.
  • Midwest Consortium students (Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wisconsin) qualify for this rate. See full scholarship details.
  • Non-residents are eligible for this rate if they are admitted to an Indiana State University online program.
  • Non-residents who do not meet these eligibility requirements will be charged non-resident tuition.
  • Non-resident BS Nursing (LPN/LVN Completion Track) online program students will be charged full non-resident fees, effective with those admitted for Fall 2015 or later.

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Housing & Food

  Academic Year Rate    

Traditional Freshman Housing
Blumberg, Burford, Cromwell, Erickson, Mills, Pickerl, Sandison
Full housing details.


Standard Residential Meal Plan
Base Flex 102 with $204 Commons Cash
View all meal plan options.


Estimated Total

  Indiana Resident Non-Resident
Reduced Rate*
Typical Freshman Schedule, Housing & Food $21,195.60 $24,109.60 $32,937.60

Additional Fees

Application Fee $25
Housing Application Fee $20
Freshmen Orientation Fee $125   (Transfer Orientation: $45)
Student Recreation Center Fee * $200
Parking (Standard Permit) $134
Residential Life Technology Fee** $30
Student Health and Wellness Fee* $80

*Required for all students taking at least 6 credit hours on campus per semester.
**Assessed as $15 per semester for students living on campus.
For other parking options, click here.

Please Note:
  • An additional online education delivery fee of $30 per course is assessed for each online course taken.
  • The total estimated costs provided here do not include additional expenses which will depend upon the number and type of courses in which a student enrolls.
  • Textbook costs can be between $800-$1,200 per year.
  • Some courses have laboratory/course/program fees.
  • Personal expenses (for example, gas or entertainment) are not included in the total estimated costs.

The University Board of Trustees reserves the right to change fees at any time in the future. The right to correct errors is also reserved.