我们所居住的这片土地实际上位于印第安纳州迈阿密部落的威亚人祖先的原始家园. 威亚人是迈阿密-伊利诺伊人,最初位于印第安纳州西部,是较大的伊利诺伊联邦的一部分. 我们向迈阿密部落(特拉华州)致敬, Kickapoo, Miami, Mound Builders, Piankashaw, Potawatomi, Shawnee, and Wea), past, present, and future, and the Wea Peoples continuing presence in the homeland and throughout their historical diaspora. 这要求我们承诺继续学习如何更好地管理我们居住的土地.

这要求我们承诺继续学习如何更好地管理我们居住的土地. Without them, we would not have access to this gathering and to this dialogue. We take this opportunity to thank and honor the original caretakers of this land.


The 妇女资源中心)努力赋予权力, educate, and create a safe space for people of all gender identities and expressions.  WRC supports the inclusiveness of women across campus and within the community. The mission of the 妇女资源中心 is to recognize the diverse accomplishments, 促进兴趣, and help meet the needs of women at 澳门合法赌场官网.  This is accomplished by providing a forum for discussion, 信息传播, and programming that celebrates and promotes women and their allies.

WRC’s educational content addresses all issues of gender, relationship, and sexual diversity. 我们的项目来自于一个交叉性的地方, understanding that issues of gender cannot be separated from other social identities, such as race, sexual orientation, 社会经济地位, etc. 

所有节目都是免费向公众开放的. For more information on 妇女资源中心 (WRC) Graduate Assistant Breanna Pierce at bpierce7@sycamores.lveshou.com.

TEDxIndianaStateUniversity - December 6, 2021 - links to presentations coming soon.


Bre Pierce

Mini-bio: 布雷·皮尔斯(她/他们)是澳门合法赌场官网理科学士学位的应届毕业生. They are continuing their education as they are pursuing their Master’s in Communications. She works with the Office of 多元文化服务和项目 (MSP), 担任妇女资源研究生助理. They love talking to others about the important topics of mental health, disability awareness, and LGBTQ+ rights. In her undergraduate work, Bre was the Sycamore Safe Zone coordinator at ISU. 他致力于促进和协调校园周围的联盟活动,以使环境对所有学生都更有爱心和开放. 布雷很享受这次Tedx活动的每一分钟,她很高兴每个人的故事都能被听到!


Dr. Tameka Ellington 

Mini-bio: Dr. Tameka Ellington grew up in the inner-city of Cleveland, Ohio and was raised by a single mother. 她的父亲因酗酒和吸毒而缺席,这最终使他被判入狱15年. 尽管她周围充斥着暴力和犯罪. 塔梅卡始终追求卓越. 

Title: The Power of Deserving: How to combat women’s poverty mindset

报告描述: Because we are born, we are deserving of all that life has to offer. BEING deserving is our birthright; however, FEELING deserving is impacted by our mindset. 我们的心态在出生时就开始形成了, 环境:一个人成长的环境, 社会标准的影响, 以及我们经常背负的世代诅咒. This presentation will take the TEDx audience on a journey of Dr. Tameka’s life from meager inner-city beginnings to internationally renowned scholar. 

Elynor Head

Mini-bio: 埃利诺·海德就读于澳门合法赌场官网,目前正在攻读地质学本科学位.  她是荣誉学院的一员,并且能够在相对年轻的时候参与学生研究. Elynor is currently studying diatoms from Lac Vieuz Desert in the paleolimnology research lab. 她对太空探索非常感兴趣,并计划成为一名行星地质学家.                                                                           

Title: Diatoms

报告描述古湖泊学是对湖泊和湖泊沉积物的研究,作为一名本科生,我用硅藻来拼凑湖泊的气候历史. 通过研究硅藻, we can understand what the environmental conditions of a lake were in the past. 

Stephanie Bertoli

Mini-bio: 斯蒂芬妮·贝托利白天在家教育三个孩子,晚上则是跑步教练/女性健康倡导者. 在成为母亲之前, 她获得了运动科学学士学位, 体育管理硕士, 是大学运动员吗, 也是大学田径教练.

Title: Pelvic Floor Health in the United States: One Woman’s Story

报告描述: 研究表明,多达三分之一的女性在其一生中会经历某种形式的盆底功能障碍. It touches every single aspect of someone's life -- while it's not life threatening, 它可以是生命的减少. 在许多情况下,它是可以预防和治疗的, 然而,许多人并没有得到他们真正需要的帮助. 

JoEllen Henson

Mini-bio: JoEllen Henson是BSW和MSW项目的现场主管,也是澳门合法赌场官网社会工作系的多年讲师.  Ms. Henson is a Licensed Social Worker in both the state of Indiana and Illinois. Ms. 汉森目前就读于澳门合法赌场官网健康科学博士课程.  在开始她在学术界的工作之前,Ms. Henson worked as a School Social Worker in the state of Illinois for 26 years 

Title: 每个人都有自己的故事

报告描述: I would like to share my story--how I am currently working towards my life-long goals, even though it may be a little later in life than originally planned! 我想说的是永远不要放弃——忠于你自己,忠于你的个人抱负和梦想, 不管生活在你的道路上设置了什么障碍!

Dr. Malynnda Johnson

Mini-bo: Dr. Malynnda Johnson是传播系副教授,主要研究健康传播和媒体研究领域. She completed her PhD in 2012 at the University of WI – Milwaukee. She is also the associate program director for the genetic counseling program. 

Title: 笑的力量

报告描述: 从帕奇·亚当斯(Patch Adams)到绞刑架(Gallows),人们一次又一次地发现,能够笑对身体有益. 人们发现幽默不仅有助于一个人的心理健康,也有助于身体的康复过程. 幽默可以帮助我们规范讨论医疗问题的能力,同时模拟我们应该与伴侣进行的讨论, providers, and family members. 然而,有一些重要的问题需要考虑.

Dr. Lucy Campbell

Mini-bio: Dr. Lucy Campbell serves as Faculty Fellow in Academic Affairs. 她在教务长和招生办公室工作. 她的主要职责是帮助设计材料,并向西班牙裔/拉丁裔学生和家庭伸出援手, working with ISU’s Admissions staff in high schools and on campus. Dr. Campbell is a Spanish instructor in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics. 她在南美洲的哥伦比亚出生并长大. 

Title: "纪律就是幸福"

报告描述: “Self-discipline is the rode to happiness” and my professional Journey as Hispanic immigrant.

Katherine Pine

Mini-bio: 凯瑟琳·派恩(Katherine Pine)是澳门合法赌场官网的高级讲师,在常春藤科技社区学院在线授课. She teaches Public Communication, Interpersonal, and Media Production. 

Title: The Alpha Female

报告描述: My topic idea is to encourage the return of the concept of an alpha female. 我最近介绍了“阿尔法女性”一词是如何在20世纪被使用和讨论的. Females identify as self-confidence, higher poised, and lack feelings of inferiority. 阿尔法女性自我定位为传统(养育和关怀)和非传统(独立和成功)。.

Hailee Lauritzen

Bio: Hailee Lauritzen, D.H.Sc.c, MSW, LSW Hailee Lauritzen是一名持牌社工, and faculty Instructor at 澳门合法赌场官网 in the department of Social Work. Ms. 劳里岑于2008年在密歇根州立大学获得社会工作硕士学位,目前是澳门合法赌场官网健康科学澳门合法赌场官网的博士候选人. Since 2008, Ms. Lauritzen has worked as a therapist for women and children survivors of sexual abuse/assault.

Title: Imposter Syndrome

报告描述: My TEDx talk would focus on imposter phenomenon (IP) or more commonly referred to as, imposter syndrome (IS) and why many high achieving women struggle with this concept, 尽管有无数成功的记录. 研究表明,对于受过高等教育的澳门合法赌场官网人士来说,冒名顶替综合症是一个常见的障碍,他们担心自己没有能力达到更高的目标,所以一直躲在阴影里. 这个TEDx演讲将简要地定义冒名顶替综合症, 以及通常被视为附属的共同特征. 它还将讨论成功工作的潜在影响和障碍,最后提出克服这些影响和障碍的有用建议.

Dr. Brittney Millspaugh-Storms 

Mini-bio: Dr. Brittney Millspaugh-Storms, PT, DPT, MBA, NCS在安德森大学完成了生物学学士学位,重点是分子生物学和遗传学, and her doctorate and masters at Southwest Baptist University. 此后,她继续获得女性和盆腔健康认证,并成为董事会认证的神经病学临床专家. She currently teaches full time as an Assistant Professor at 澳门合法赌场官网. 她还继续在ISU校园内的ISU物理治疗和运动康复诊所接受病人和练习.  

Sarah Tobias

Mini-bio: After Sarah Tobias graduated from Clay City High School in 2010, 她就读于南印第安纳大学. 托拜厄斯获得了幼儿教育学士学位(无执照)和艺术教育副修学位. 她喜欢在国际州立大学幼儿教育中心担任幼儿助理教师的工作,同时努力平衡与一种罕见的、看不见的疾病的生活.

Title: 我罕见的看不见的病…从痛苦到好转

报告描述: 这个演讲将会给你们一个人的视角关于患有未确诊疾病的生活以及患有罕见且看不见的疾病的生活是什么样的. 莎拉·托拜厄斯将与你分享她在这段旅程中学到的积极和鼓舞人心的人生经验.


TEDxIndianaStateUniversity - 2020年11月

Thank you for attending our TEDx event on November 19, 2020! 感谢您的参与. 演讲者的视频可以在YouTube上搜索“TEDxIndianaStateUniversityWomen”找到。, inputting the title, 或者点击下面提供的链接. 您还可以找到此消息附带的程序.  

With over 300 people that attended we were able to set the bar high for our future TEDx events, 所以请关注更多信息. Please show your support for the women of our community by liking, sharing, 并在视频下评论. 



Not All Wounds Are Visible | Bre Pierce | TEDxIndianaStateUniversityWomen

Throughout life, 我们经历让我们快乐的事情, make us confused, make us angry, 有时会让我们伤痕累累. When all these scaring experiences build up, trauma begins to build. Sometimes you do not realize that all the stuff that has happened in your past has hurt you, until you start taking a look at your past and how it has ...


Women: Change Agents that are out of this World | Elynor Head | TEDxIndianaStateUniversityWomen


女性真的在工作中互相支持吗? | Maryem Salam | TEDxIndianaStateUniversityWomen


Overcoming Risk Factors | Amanda Muhammad | TEDxIndianaStateUniversityWomen


培养LGBTQIAP+倡导的领导者| Melissa McCollister | TEDxIndianaStateUniversityWomen


The unspoken rules of the freelance world | Lexie Signor | TEDxIndianaStateUniversityWomen


Displaying Their Authentic Selves | Bahareh Javadizadeh | TEDxIndianaStateUniversityWomen



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